At Thairapy we never stop looking for the next big idea. By keeping hot on the heels of the latest trends, our nail technician will deliver the bright ideas, hot colors and bold textures that you will love. Beautiful manicures and pedicures, start with strong, healthy nails. ORLY products deliver the prep, nourishment, protection and shine. These beautiful manicures and pedicures can last upto 2 weeks and are finished with a hand or foot massage.

Manicure Orly GelFX                  last up to 2 weeks

Manicure Orly EPIX                      last up to 1 week

Gel soak off & tidy £20
Gel Polish £18
Gel mini manicure £22
Gel full manicure £28
Gel French manicure £35
Gel soak off & manicure £30
Gel luxury manicure £40
Epix mini manicure £18
Epix full manicure £26
Epix French manicure £30
Epix luxury manicure £32
Nail art from £2
Epix polish only £15

Pedicure (please bring flip-flops)

Orly GelFX last up to 2 weeks

Orly EPIX last up to 1 week

Gel soak off & tidy £18
Gel Polish £22
Gel full pedicure £35
Gel mini pedicure 26
Gel French pedicure £38
Gel luxury pedicure £45
Epix mini pedicure £22
Epix full pedicure £30
Epix French pedicure £30
Epix luxury pedicure £40
Epix polish £18