Meso Vytal Skin Rejuvenation Exeter

Known as the “Lunchtime Face Lift” taking only an hour to Rejuvenate your skin and smooth wrinkles. You will immediately notice the effects of this revolutionary treatment. £75 per session. 

Meso Vytal facials deliver an injection of serum in-between the dermis and epidermis where this collagen naturally resides to encourage the plumping effect which reduces the appearance of aging in the skin. A Meso Vytal Facial plumps skin from within and helps the body to repair itself. Immediately after the treatment, your skin will look and feel smoother and more refined while fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Known as a ‘lunchtime facial‘, this hypo allergenic, anti-aging treatment can be completed in around an hour and you will experience a far shorter period of downtime than with other facials of its type such as derma-roller or microdermabrasion. Skin damage, which leads to wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration and sagging, actually happens below the surface of the skin. As skin ages, our bodies produce less natural collagen which provides support and prevents wrinkles from appearing.

will continue to improve in look and feel over the next few days and will appear glowing and refreshed.


The peel we use prior to a Meso Vytal facial exfoliates the dead skin cells allowing new re growth. The AHA can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which will improve ageing skin. The Meso Vytal procedure itself causes minor trauma to the skin which along with the serum used further stimulates new production of collagen to maximise the effect. The non toxic hexapeptides in the serum work in the same way as botox; plumping the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Meso Vytal Cell Boost Concept Facials are suitable as a single treatment before an important event or, for longer lasting results, a course of six treatments is advised. It is recommended that the first four treatments are carried out over one month and then a maintenance treatment is carried out monthly to retain the results. However, the benefits of the treatment can be seen and felt immediately, unlike botox which takes up to 10 days to work fully. The speedy results make Meso Vytal a great choice as a one off treat for your skin. Areas which can be treated are the face, hands, decolletage and cleavage.


  • We begin with a gentle 5% AHA peel which removes dead skin cells, ensures a brightening appearance and encourages collagen production
  • After removing the chemical peel, your skin is cleansed and prepared
  • Serum, packed full of beneficial ingredients, is applied and pushed into the skin using circular strokes from a mechanized plastic needle
  • Dehydrated areas of the skin, deep and finer lines are targeted as the serum penetrates and begins to plump, moisturise and smooth
  • A luxury face mask is now applied and you can relax for a few moments to let the products absorb fully
  • Finally an aftercare cream is applied and the treatment is complete

The benefits can be seen and felt immediately, skin looks smoother and more refined on the day of the treatment and in the days following

The Meso Vytal Cell Boost Concept Facial is the perfect choice for all skin types and is especially suitable for those wishing to avoid botox

The treatment lasts for around 45 minutes and a mineral makeup can be applied immediately afterwards to allow you to get on with your day


This is the ultimate in Hollywood facials, renowned for delivering the most incredible results to the world's most notable celebrities, GLAMGLOWS range of mud treatments contain the highest quality ingredients, created for all ages and skin types using a combination of mask that produce instant results that leaves the skin brighter, with a radiant glow that last up to 3 days.



Mini GLAMGLOW Facial £35
Full GLAMGLOW Experience £50